Contemporary Pennhurst Photography

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I see the image ur seeing as well, looks like there trying to keep someone/ something down, there are obviously many trapped souls in a place like this
Your Name Required9/7/2012
There are no apparent limbs esp legs-the gray streak would be broken 4 times nor waist indentations of the average human figure. If a spirit can support a physical gown, it would likely have some sort of rings, fillings, instruments, etc. Also, THE 'SPIRITS' HAVE THE SAME TEXTURE AS THE DOORS.
guys,,, all i see is a dark hallway behind the guerney...
Wow, I saw it immediately! There is nothing delusional about seeing a spirit. Just because you don't believe in it, doesn't make others delusional. @ Steph, great catch!
There is no one standing there. You're simply grasping for straws in your delusional mind that there's something there, you want there to be ghosts so you see them.
OK, the gurney is this gurney and the person is the person taking this pic, BUT then who is the OTHER person standing there?
it is a person standing over a gurney!! lol its the shadow made from the window behind the ppl taking the photo, the gurney it this gurney and the person is the person with the camera. DEBUNKED. i wach alot of ghost shows.
To Stephanie, I see exactly what you are talking about. I see two figures standing closely, side by side in either old fashioned nurses dresses or lab coats. Katey you need to stare at it and split the white area in the very back down the middle and you will see what we do. Use your imagination.
i can see where it looks like there is a shape of a person on the left side, from the shoulders up.
the picture is creppy but i dont see 2 people at the end of the hallway!! or i dont see a gurney either!!

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