Suffer The Little Children

The ground-breaking 1968 NBC10 Expose on Pennhurst State School by Bill Baldini:

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Worked in LE, have been around many with developmental disabilities. The treatment of these patients was deplorable just like the asylum in Ohio which is shown in a film called titicut follies. Those of you who work with those from Pennhurst are to be commended for the work you all do.
Chris P.02/28/2015
This started before and more importantly continued after WW2. I cannot comprehend how Our Country let this happen while the United States Armed Forces Fought and Died in Europe. Hitler's 1st goal was to segregate the feeble minded from the true Arian race. It took another 42 yrs. to close??
Arlene ploucher01/30/2015
I hope we have learned from our mistakes? People with intellectual disabilities have so much to contibute to society and deserve the chance to share their gifts. lets hope we continue to move forward in making those with disabilities feel accepted in society.
From the pictures that I have seen most of those buildings are decaying and are condemned and should be demolished. Preserve the administration building and place a historical marker in memory there. Those buildings shouldn't be used for an entertainment attraction not for events that happened there
Mark Winchester Sr.12/15/2014
The pathetically miniscule amount of money derived from glamorizing the horrible events which happened at Pennhurst is truly a mockery highly insensitive.
Chris Weersing11/21/2014
I worked with individuals who resided at Pennhurst and continue to work in the Mental Health field. It is a disgrace that Pennhurst is a haunted attraction and that millions flock there yearly for the Halloween events. How much of that money goes to those who were truly terrified being there???
There are no words to describe what went on at this asylum. I was invited to go check out the haunted attratction, after reading this I will NEVER support that exploitation!
I work for an organization that now cares for many of pennhurst former patients. Working with some, they still suffer from the treatment they received at pennhurst. Still at times yelling out about things that took place there.
I've worked with children who have severe mental and emotional disabilities. I was lucky enough to work at private facility that had plenty of funding. These conditions are deplorable. Next time you vote, remember funding for these types of facilities is one of the first things Republicans cut.
Sandra Shaner10/12/2014
This is absolutely heart breaking that these doctors, nurses, administrative ect. treated these humans this way!! I am heartbroken at these inhume acts!! I was born in 68 and I am sickened they made this a haunted house!! These spirits need to be be free'ed to go to heaven!!! Stop the madness!!!
samantha 09/22/2014
I am beyond angry at what society and individuals, do to children and adults with mental illness. And that is the proper term to be used and not the degrading word of retardation. No individual with an education should ever use that word.
Kim Correll-Comeau08/31/2014
I had a little girl that was handicapped according to some people. Her name was Amy. She was not to live a year according to the doctors, however God gave me my sweet miracle daughter for 36 years. She loved unconditionally, smiled, hugged, loved people and loved God. She knew how to live life.
Gemma Swainston04/09/2014
If you disagree with Pennhurst becoming a haunted attraction, please sign this petition. I feel that the attraction is disrespectful to those who suffered in the asylum, and this upsets me greatly and makes me angry. https//
Teri Dunn03/25/2014
I'm praying for the Governor of this state and the residents that let this place continue to remain open. I can not believe that a place like this still exist today. What is wrong with this world????
-to Ky, there are quite a few of these types of places with horrible histories, in america alone. do some research on Waverly Hills Sanitorium, specifically the body chute. pennhurst was set up because of nazi-like genecists who believe the handicapped werent human and non-society.

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