Contemporary Pennhurst Photography

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Doreen Piotrowski7/24/2012
OMG! Lovely picture and very apocalyptic. That sunset back there resembles a nuclear mushroom cloud!
Ruben vegarvega774/2/2012
sad as it is, i think penn hurst should remain standing,as a reminder and testimont not for what was done to these children,rather for what was not done.I think there a lesson to be learned from it's past lets just hope we've learned something
Eva Plumley5/18/2011
Grace, My mother Goldie Smith worked at Pennhurst until it's closing. Today she is a provider for family living and we currently have one of Pennhursts former residents living with us. Pennhurst was beautiful despite some of its downfalls. I used to play there as a little girl when i would go visit
this should be in a meusium somewhere, after they try to get the graffiti off of it.
@ Samantha - I think I know what you're talking about. On Bing maps you can see a white bus sitting by the garage. I'd love to exchange emails with you to get more info. Don't forget the d between andrew and byrd
The bus probably got left there by The Vet Center up the hill or something along those lines, who took it. Most likely the new owners got rid of it seeing as it's a heap of junk sitting in their parking lot. i doubt scrappers towed it away seeing as you'd pretty much need a flat bed and enough time
Grace Purcell7/30/2010
There were no school busses like this one at Pennhurst-where it came from who can say. Are there actually any former employees from Pennhurst -besides myself-on this site? Just like Devon Hall--you mean D Building? The buildings may all have had formal names-but were never used.
samantha -- the bus, im guessing, was just left there when pennhurst was closed. over the years the scrappers and vandals did their thing until it wound up looking like a squashed bug. one day in 2008 it just disappered. i believe the scrappers came and towed it away.
samantha 11/5/2009
why is there a bus all messed up here?? y didnt they like take it to a junk yard?