"Southbury" - a 60 Minutes segment

PM&PA Director James Conroy is interviewed by Ed Bradley for a 60 Minutes segment on the embattled Southbury Training School.


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I agree with you Tina Haines and c't. Citizen
Tina Haines11/03/2012
My daughter was born developmentally delayed. My grandmother had 12 children and two of them was physically/mentally disabled. She took care of them at home and family takes care of them until today. I advocate for my daughter and community-based programs so institutions like this never return.
My mother was a resident at the Southbury Training School in the 1940's. My mother is not mentally-retarded. She was put there because her parents did not care to raise her or her two brothers. My mother went on to live a decent life did waitress and cleaning to support herself and children.
Ct. Citizen03/25/2012
What about the group home in Seymour, Ct. that hired a former Southbury Training School employee fired for co-worker sexual harassment....and was arrested for the rape of on of the female group home residents?...Group homes are safe? Really? The less eyes the less reporting of abuse!
My son has special needs and he was still pull up dependent at the age of 12 it was decided by the Public Welfare Dept that pull ups were needed but that the adult wipes were a luxury ,,,enough said.
The justice department needs to let them go home and pay for the care they need. Some people need to open their eyes to this.
Didn't recognize Dr. Conroy.